Blue Line Homebuilders, based in Omaha, Nebraska, is a licensed, insured, and bonded limited liability company. 

Founded in early 2020, by husband and wife Scott and Lisa Orsi, this company was born after having spent the last 21+ years together as local entrepreneurs, real estate investors, property managers, remodelers, and homebuilders. We have worn many hats over the years, but decided it was time to narrow our focus to the one thing we really love to do, DESIGN AND BUILD HOMES.

Why the name 'BLUE LINE?'
Scott spent 25 years serving the people of Omaha as a law enforcement officer. It seemed only fitting to name our new company "Blue Line" as a tribute to all law enforcement officers who protect and serve this community daily and without hesitation.

We are both proud and excited to continue to serve this community by building beautiful homes using innovative design and old fashioned craftsmanship.